Designers We’ve Worked With

BK Upholstery’s rich history with designers and manufacturers has given us a unique perspective into the various designs and techniques required to produce quality furniture prototypes. Designers we have had the honor of working with include: Richard Schultz, Charles Pollock, Marc Krusin, Charles McMurray and Craig Bassam, Scott Fellows, and William Pederson. This knowledge and experience allows BK to prototype and develop pieces with the same dedication to design and detail that your company or designer has placed into theirs.

Prototype Furniture

When it comes to creating a furniture prototype, it not only needs to reflect the original drawings, but also resonate with customers and distributors who are going to carry it in their stores. Whether your business is a veteran in the furniture scene, or just getting started, we can help create the prototype you need to meet your goals. When you choose BK Upholstery, you will receive a finished product that matches exactly the design and surpasses expectations when seen in person.